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The Center for Public History announces the establishment of the Houston History Archives, a public repository for books, documents, oral histories, and images. Students, faculty, and the public are welcome to explore a growing collection of resources for research and writing about Houstonís history. Under the administrative umbrella of the Centerís Houston History Project, the Houston History Archives will operate interactively with the Houston Oral History Project and the Houston Review of History and Culture to collect, preserve, and disseminate Houstonís history.

Houston History Archives will collect materials related to the Houston region's growth and development, from the nineteenth century to the present. Following are areas of special focus:
  • Energy development
  • Environmental history and activism
  • Houston's racial and ethnic diversity and activism
Records of company and community organizations as well as the papers of individuals are appropriate collections for the Houston History Archives. Materials might include letters, journals, photographs, scrapbooks, meeting minutes, event coverage, legal documents, interview transcripts with supporting materials, maps, newspaper clippings, multi-media formats (e.g. film, video and audio cassettes or discs), and books.

As Houston History Archives develops this collection of Houston's history, we pledge to donors:
  • A repository

  • Review of potential acquisitions by a professional committee, including a certified archivist, two historians, and an historian/certified archivist

  • First-class processing and preservation in secure, state-of-the-art stacks

  • A public university setting with over 33,000 students and 850 full-time faculty to offer tremendous potential for academic and community exploration of archival acquisitions

Houston History Archives offers patrons:

  • A comfortable, monitored research environment

  • Access to records and books in an expertly run department offering superior patron services from a highly trained and courteous staff

  • Research materials for community-wide use

  • Extended hours to accommodate work schedules (the Special Collections Reading Room is open from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and from noon to 4:00 pm on Saturday during the fall and spring semesters)

  • 250 photocopies at no charge to ensure that anyone undertaking a small project for school or community purposes can obtain free photocopies

  • Photocopy services to expedite research and protect documents

We invite you to share your suggestions on collections or interviewees and encourage you to consider Houston History Archives as you arrange the disposition of your personal papers or your organization's historical records

Houston History Archives Repository
Suite 261 - Special Collections Department
M.D. Anderson Library - 2000
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-2000

Phone: 713-743-9991
E-mail: tomkinswalsh@uh.edu