2010 Oil Spill Symposium


Program Schedule


Click on the session titles to see the recorded video. Additional multimedia material will be available soon.


Morning Session: History

  1. Building America's Energy Corridor during the Environmental Era of the 1970s Speaker: Jason Theriot, UH History Doctoral Candidate
  2. Lessons for Business and Government from the Exxon Valdez Speaker: Joe Pratt, Ph.D., UH Professor and Energy Historian
  3. Oil Pollution Act of 1990 Speaker: Bob Nicholas, former Gen. Counsel for Exxon Shipping Company and maritime law expert at Phelps Dunbar law firm
  4. Q&A Morning Session


Afternoon Sessions: Oil Spill Research and Response

  1. Texas Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program (OSPRA) Speaker: Greg Pollock, the Deputy Commissioner of OSPRA
  2. Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office (LOSCO) Speaker: Don Davis, Ph.D., former Director of LOSCO
  3. Ixtoc Blowout and Oil Spill Speaker: Wes Tunnell, Ph.D., Associate Director, Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


Regulatory/Environmental/Legal Impact

  1. MMS and BOEM Speaker: Ty Priest, Ph.D., UH Professor and Energy Historian
  2. Legal Issues and Drilling Moratorium and Q&A Afternoon Session Speaker: John English, an oil and gas and environmental attorney with Baker and Hostetler LLP